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Santosh Rungta Group of institutions, Bhilai – Raipur is an Epitome of Success, A temple of knowledge that inculcates excellence in its students, through a meticulously designed process, wherein its ensured that all students graduate with futuristic skills, stay ahead of times and are way ahead in terms of their technical and professional competency.

Learning always requires a conducive environment that suits the students and more so, motivates the students to excel. Overall Environment of any campus is a very crucial factor in success of its students. Santosh Rungta Group, R1 group as is popularly called, epitomizes the culture, the ambiance and overall environment that motivates the students towards excellence.

Progressive thinking, breaking with convention, challenging the status quo and improving the world around us are in our DNA, and it aptly gets imbibed amongst our students too!.

Santosh Rungta Group of institutions began its Journey of Educating the youth in professional domain way back in 1999 under the Agis of GDR Educational Society,  20 years of age for an Educational Group is considered as young but in this span Santosh Rungta Group has numerous firsts and pathbreaking achievements to its credit, which aptly justifies the All India Rankings and position its institutes hold.

Rungta Group of Institutions are Ranked amongst the top institutes of India in “Most Preferred Destinations” for Professional Education, both at Undergraduate and Post-Graduate Levels. Commanding this position, adequately gets justified through impeccable Credentials Group institutes have earned in all aspects of Professional Education.


Rungta Academy of Competitive Exams is India’s answer to the inconvenience that students face while preparing for competitive exams after 10+2 or graduation . It has taken into account the problems that parents and students  face during this period of coordinating the timings , travel and effort while shuttling from home, school and coaching. Since the Rungta Group is the best ranked educational group in Central India with schools and colleges of all streams, it takes on itself the onus to create India’s largest integrated coaching cum academics campus which will offer ” all services under one roof ” to solve the problem of parents and students of running from pillar to post. The best in country faculty would be coaching the students on Civil Services  CA and JEE/ NEET while they pursue their school or graduation in the same campus with excellent home like residential facilities in a safe and secure 60 acre campus with excellent recreational and dining facilities.

CA Coaching

While Raipur continues to dominate the CA rankings in the country, RACE brings an upgrade to this by preparing students in school and college to have face to face coaching along with face to face school college academics while preparing for CA. This unique rigorous RACE methodology is the first of its kind and the integration is so done that the student gets the best results from college as well as coaching by the best in class faculty handpicked from the whole country.


The science students start preparing for the premier engineering colleges like IITs and NITs and the national level medical colleges from high school itself. The inconvenience of finding teachers for separate subjects – Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology and the journey of reaching them on time takes a lot of energy. The integrated RACE methodology focus more on the quality of the faculty and the facilities to ensure students focus more on preparation while we take care of the rest. With an excellent school in campus along with residences, the faculty from IITs and other premier institutions teach the students the best way to attempt JEE and NEET.

Civil Services

Cracking the highest exam of the country for students to make it to public leadership positions or selection to IAS/IPS and other positions is the dream of every graduate. To enable this we seamlessly integrate the college graduation and the Coaching for three years so that the preparation is evenly spread and the rigour if the preparation peaks at the right moment. Instead of wasting years after college we start from the first year of graduation handheld by the best faculty of Delhi and South India with proven excellence.

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